Christmas Boxes

Have a VERY merry Christmas with our festive themed lolly and grazing boxes... and forget about 2020 in style!


Santa's Surprise


Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!! Regardless if you've been naughty or nice, there's no need to think about this twice!

Santa's Surprise

Sweet Boxes

Our go-to boxes. Nothing is sweeter or more delicious!


Sweet Surprise


You've picked the movie, your couch positions too... our Sweet Surprise box will be perfect for you.

Sweet Surprise.jpg

Grazing Boxes

Sweet not your thing? Prefer sophisticated savoury flavours instead? Then go ahead and order one of our grazing boxes, packed full of fresh produce that's sure to make any summer gathering one to remember.


Lazy Graze


Swan into spring with this gorgeous box of savoury goodness, perfect for summer days with (socially distanced) company and your favourite drink.

Lazy Graze Top.jpg

Donut Boxes

Need something a little extra? These boxes full of chocolate, donuts and caramel popcorn are something else!


Sugar Daddy


Our Sugar Daddy box provides you with all the riches. Perhaps everyone needs a sugar daddy in their lives?

Sugar Daddy.jpeg

Sour Boxes

Sour Lollies? You either love them or you hate them... here at Sweet Disposition we love them!


Sour Surprise


This box will make your eyes water and get your sour taste buds tingling. Sour squirms, sour skittles, sour starburst, sour patch kids... sour, sour, sour!

Sour Surprise.jpg

Kids Boxes

We've designed these boxes for kids, so hands off adults!


Candy Kid


Happy meal eat your heart out! Candy Kid comes in a cool carry box that is layered with treats. There are 18 different types of lollies in this box and the little person in your life that's lucky enough to get one will be discovering new sweets  for days!

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