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Sweet Disposition

Tempt Your Tastebuds

To our amazing customers!

If you've been scouring the internet for the most amazing treat but have been left wanting more then your search is over. Our range of boxes are bespoke sweet and savoury treats, each one built by hand with great care and attention to detail.

They are all full to the brim of quality ingredients, be it Cadbury chocolate, Allen's lollies or Darrell Lea liquorice. Every spare millimetre of space is chock full of goodness and if we manage to tie down the lid we can deliver it straight to your door!

Lolly Cartons

$10 per carton

Sweet Surprise



Sour Surprise



Gluten Be Gone



Sugar Daddy Jnr



All You Can Sweet


All You Can Sweet Angle_edited.jpg

Sugar Daddy


Sugar Daddy Angle.jpg

Lazy Graze



Best of Both Worlds


Image by Marko Pekić



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About Us

Since 2020

We are a small family run business with a true love for the three F's - Family, Friends and Food

But in our children's world the three F's mean something a little different - Fast Food Friday!

Our business idea started due to a one off special ISO birthday delivery for our eldest boy which involved a surprise lolly box delivery from the "Lolly Monster." A few months later and a few more ISO birthday's under our belts we decided to bring the lolly monster to the community. And so Sweet Disposition was born.

P.S. Our children still don't know who the lolly monster is... it can be our secret!

Image by Adam Solomon
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